May 2024

My contract for my last employment ended in April. Currently, I’ve been working on a number of different side projects and slowly looking for work.

I’ve been doing a few things on the website I posted in my last update, Joke Dad-A-Base. It’s now mobile friendly! Soon I want to add a way to suggests new jokes.

Likewise, I’ve created a few iterations of the Space Shooter I’ve been working on, if you want, you can download that game here. Just know that it will only run on Windows and Windows will probably complain that it doesn’t recognize the app. If it does, just click ‘more info’ and then ‘Run Anyway’! Have fun!

Feb 2024

Still living in Boulder, Colorado. I have been doing contracting web development work fixing security vunlerabilities.

I’ve got a few software side projects that I’m working on. A Space Shooter video game using Python Arcade. It’s a two player game and I’m mostly using it as a practice game before moving onto larger games. I’m sure I’ll make a post about it once it’s finished.

I’m also working on a Joke Dad-A-Base web application. Currently, working on just getting it deployed and set up in a CI/CD pipeline. I’m just using it as a way to practice CI/CD, docker image deployments. You can now see the site here:

Soon I’d like to start learning some GoDot.

I’ve been back into CrossFit. I’ve been achiving regular PR’s which has been great and I’ve been able to do more of the gymnastic workouts (like chest to bars and toes to bar). I’ve also judged a few CrossFit compititions.

Still doing a ton of Salsa. Since my last update I’ve taken a lot of group lessons and few private lessons and have greatly improved!

Jun 2023

I am currently in Boulder Colorado. I was laid off from my tech job in December, I did a little bit of traveling, and now I am working a very easy job in a warehouse for an outdoor brand.

I am somewhat looking for software engineering work, but kinda happy to have a little less stress in work.

I am working on a few side projects (including this website) and teaching my 11 year old cousin how to code. I’ll be using Python and some game engine to try and keep him engage.

I am writing as much as I can. Mostly about my previous mental health, things I find interesting and a little bit of non-fiction.

I workout everyday, although I miss going to Crossfit Gym. I am learning Spanish, going out to events on Friday to speak with others in spanish.

I am also learning to dance Salsa, doing a running club, and generally trying to be more social!

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