I am currently in Boulder Colorado. I was laid off from my tech job in December, I did a little bit of traveling, and now I am working a very easy job in a warehouse for an outdoor brand.

I am somewhat looking for software engineering work, but kinda happy to have a little less stress in work.

I am working on a few side projects (including this website) and teaching my 11 year old cousin how to code. I’ll be using Python and some game engine to try and keep him engage.

I am writing as much as I can. Mostly about my previous mental health, things I find interesting and a little bit of non-fiction.

I workout everyday, although I miss going to Crossfit Gym. I am learning Spanish, going out to events on Friday to speak with others in spanish.

I am also learning to dance Salsa, doing a running club, and generally trying to be more social!

Now page inspired by: https://sive.rs/now.